Joseph J. McGarry Division 1      Library Resources

The following Irish Heritage Books and Video tapes are available for home use
Contact Marty Flynn at 843-249-6533 to make arrangements


  1.             How the Irish Saved Civilization                                                           Thomas Cahill

  2.             The Illustrated History of Ireland                                                                Sean Duffy

  3.             Irish History                                                                                  Seamus MacAnnaidh

  4.             Ireland- A Concise History                                                  Marie and Conner O'Brien

  5.             Timetables of Irish History                           Dr. Patrick C. Power & Dr. Sean Duffy

  6.             Historical Maps of Ireland                                                                       Michael Swift

  7.             The Black and Tans                                                                              Richard Bennett

  8.             The Green Flag                                                                                               Robert Kee

  9.             The Makings of Ireland                                                                              James Lydon

  10.             Illustrated History of Ireland                                                                               Foster

  11.             Idiot's Irish History & Culture

  12.             For the Cause of Liberty                                                                          Terry Golway  

          Tim Pat Coogan's Books:

  13.             The Man Who Was Ireland (Eamon DeValera)

  14.             Wherever Green is Worn - Emigrates throughout -The World)

  15.             The I.R.A.

  16.             The Troubles
        Morgan Llwelyn's Books:

  17.             1916

  18.             1921

  19.             1949

  20.             Gerry Adams

  21.             Michael Collins                                                                                       Ulick O'Conner  


  22.             The Committee                                                                                    Sean McPhihmey

        Irish Americans:

  24.             Irish American Landmarks                                                                    John A. Barnes

  25.             The Irish in America                                                                               Michael Coffey

  26.                                                                                                                 Text By : Terry Golway

  27.             The Irish Century                                                            Michael MacCarthy Morrogh

  28.             The Wearing of the Green                                                  Mike Cronin & Daryl Adair

  29. Pictorials:

  30.             Ireland      Nick Constable & Karen Farrington

  31.             Ireland-An Island Revealed


  33.             The Encyclopedia of Ireland                                                                     Ciaran Brady

  34.             The Encyclopedia of Irish Spirituality                                                  Phyllis Jestice

  35. VIDEOS:

  36.             Home Away From Home (Yanks in Ireland) During World War II                (58 min.)

  37.             Irish in America                                                                   (2 Tapes, 50 Minutes each)

  38.             History of St. Patrick’s Day                                                         (TV Program replay)

  39.             St. Patrick’s Day Parades: 1997, 1998, 1999        (3 Videos from our local TV station)